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   A Heartening Message From:
   Harrison Klein



Dear Friend,

Do you sense that huge success in your life is just around the corner?

But you just need that last boost, that final push, to find it, grab it and enjoy the rewards:

  • Financial security

  • Travel to any destination you choose

  • Comfortable retirement

  • Long term happiness

  • Time for all your favorite activities

  • You're closer than you think,

Are you ready?

Let me take you by the hand and show you, one on one.

That's it, I look forward to reacing out to you via our "Alignment Factor Coaching" 6 Module Audio series.

To your success,

Harrison Klein


Special Limited Time Offer: (90% OFF)
for Friends of Lance Hood

(A $3,497 Value) This course has never been sold for less than $997 and these specific recordings have never been released until now.

This 6 Module Set Includes More Than 6 Hours of Alignment Factor Coaching on 6 MP3 and streaming players.

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Here's a recap of what you're getting:

Alignment Factor Series with Harrison Klein!

This 6 Module Set Includes Over 6 Hours and 20 Minutes of Alignment Factor Coaching Audios valued at $3,497.

These are the 6 Modules:

  • Mind Images
  • Being
  • Certainty
  • Cause and Effect
  • Soul
  • Abundance & Happiness

More Accolades from Harrison Klein's
Alignment Factor Coaching Students:

"This is truly awesome!

"Understanding the laws of the universe and the way they relate to maximizing human awareness and potential can sometimes be a little daunting for some people.

"This will be the road to enlightenment for a great deal of people.

"This has been a long time coming."

- Ann-Marie

"Thank you, ever so much…for your time, for your beauty, and for your words of wisdom that we are drinking up. We are all so much in need of this, it is mind boggling that a strong few can create such a fierce rush of goodness for us to enjoy and love."

- Georgette Gita

"Sincere thanks and gratitude for such a great course.!!!!! I learned a lot of new information and more importantly, I am in the consistent process of integrating it and applying it. You are indeed a masterful teacher!!!!!! Many, many thanks Harrison."

- Dian

"Harrison, thank you for the excellent work you’ve done and are continuing to do!! This has been a real boost to me personally and I truly appreciate it."

- Mike


Special Limited Time Offer: (90% OFF)
for Friends of Lance Hood

(A $3,497 Value) This course has never been sold for less than $997 and these specific recordings have never been released until now.

$997 special for $97

This is a limited time offer: 90% Off


"Harrison Klein has personally coached me in the Laws of Being and I found it to be some of the most immediately usable and powerful information that I have ever applied."

- Lance Hood


"Harrison is brilliant at conveying these concepts and I finally got internally how this works..... YAHOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

- Cindy

"Your coaching has cut through the fog around getting what i want in life and how to have it exist right now, in the present. Your coaching around the two GREAT Universal laws and how all other Universal laws come secondary to these two great laws has forever changed my life.

"You are an amazing coach who simplifies the understanding of creation and the creation process so it will be part of the daily existence process. Harrison, you've made a profound difference in my life and I'll be forever grateful to you as your gift to me is timeless."

- L. Marysh, Life Coach

"Finally! - A place where I can get the “Best of the best”, all filtered down into a “Reader’s Digest” version that I can actually understand...

"For years, I have gone through ups & downs in all areas of my life and trying some of this, some of that, wasting lots of my time and money only to make a little progress then falling into the trap of ALLOWING myself to get knocked back down again.

"NOW I am beginning to put it all together and am able to catch myself going in the wrong direction much earlier, thus saving myself from another downspirial."

- Steve in Austin, TX

"Harrison, I wanted to let you know how profoundly your program has affected me! While the entire program has far exceeded any expectations, your personal story was truly a gift, and I will be forever grateful."

- Connie Kehoe

"For me it has been a wonderful experience and has helped me in numerous ways and in my daily life.

"Without having attended this I would not have been able to manage some serious situations in my life the past year and I feel very grateful for everything I have learned.

"What is so great about these calls is the interaction between Harrison and the other great people on the call, something you can never get with a course on the mail. It's a life changing experience. "

- Pia

"Since discovering the truths you have generously shared, I have begun to notice and become aware of the synchronistic events transpiring in my life. Whereas before I may have not only dismissed them but also would have lost the opportunity to fully appreciate their knowledge, love and wisdom."

- Kathleen Brewington

"Harrison's calls were the key to so much more understanding for me - a big shift in my thinking and so many good things have happened since - not to mention my feeling so good!"

- Donna

"Harrison's teachings have a clarity and insight as pure and vital as running water. I have practiced Buddhism for thirty years and had marvelous experiences, but never truly understood the practice on such a truly deep spiritual level till now.

"Harrison’s teachings on self-esteem, (two class hours out of twenty), showed me how and why to obliterate self-loathing. The means is simple, yet intellectually satisfying and massively spiritual. Now, my spirit and my daily self are aligned and so strong, I can hardly believe how willing I am to face all those past challenges."

- Clyde Lindsay

"This stuff is incredible!! My life is transforming daily as I re-listen and review this stuff EVERY year to keep me on track. It isn’t something you watch or read and put on the shelf to get dusty. It is something you need to play in the background of your life everyday."

-Julie Geigel

"I find this to be one of the most exciting experiences I have ever found or been handed on a plate. Blessings to you all."

- Anne

"I wanted to tell you how grateful Jim and I both are to be a part of the Alignment Factor class. We are both learning so much and it has made a terrific difference in our lives, and we are applying more and more of your teachings to our everyday lives on a continuing basis.

"Thank you so much for making this available to us, it has meant more than you will ever know."

- Connie & Jim

"Thank you for this great awakening journey. I am big fan of “The Secret” and the Law of Attraction. I personally have been through life’s difficult challenges of which I was forced to accept and learned to live in the moment.

"Thank you, for the lessons. This is an awesome experience to be part of the Awakening."

- Lorraine Sales

"Your coaching around the Universal Laws and how and why they work forever changed our lives. We increased our home income by 80%!! Thank you so much."

- Katie & Eric Teag

"I don’t quite understand how it’s happening, but since we started our coaching sessions 25 days ago, I’ve lost an average of 1.5 lbs every two days! I didn’t even diet or exercise. The only thing I’ve done differently is our coaching sessions. This is a new life for me. I am so grateful I found you!"

- Jeanne Morin

"Since getting layed off from work last November, and have had other layoffs in the past, I’ve now finally WOKEN UP. I’m finding a way to use the skills and talents I have to help others, and life is really opening up to me! The four stages of awakening is the perfect description…I feel as though I’ve finally started to tap into stage 3 :)

"This have been an extra fantastic “kick in the butt” energy to lead me on. Thank you!"

- Charlene

"My sister and I had been denied for 5 houses and had to move out of our apartment in two weeks. Everyone called us crazy, because we wanted a large home even though we didn’t have the money for it.

"I followed your 60-day Quantum Leap formula and I kid you not: we applied for three more houses and received approval on all 3 of them within 48 hours of joining you! The house we chose had four other applicants fighting for it and they miraculously gave it to us! It’s a $1.3 million home, and we didn't pay even close to that much."

- Matthew M.


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